Data Never Sleeps

Written by Big Leap, Infographic by DOMO Published 2017-01-05 09:04:00

Data Never Sleeps: A Domo Report On 24/7 Data 

In the data centre industry, companies are constantly looking for ways to use fresh thinking and intelligent data to exceed customer expectations. By combining the efforts of human intelligence with the proper tools, you can deliver the quality results that last. 
As data experts, we are often faced with the challenge of analyzing and tracking the trillions of data points that are generated daily and translating it into a way that best benefits users. Domo, an American computer software company specializing in business intelligence tools and data visualization, recently released their fourth-annual “Data Never Sleeps” report, which highlights the fact that data is now more ubiquitous than ever. 
With more than 18 million megabytes of data being generated by mobile connections every single minute of every single day, our experts are now able to create unique, pinpointed strategies to help you reach your business goals. The infographic created from DOMO’s report highlights key findings, including: 
  • The global internet population in 2016 has reached an unprecedented 3.4 billion users
  • The Weather Channel receives 13,888,889 forecast requests each minute
  • Users watch 6,944,444 Snapchat videos each minute 
  • Dropbox users upload 833,333 new files each minute
  • Netflix subscribers stream 86,805 hours of video per minute 
  • Twitter users send 9,678 Emoji-filled Tweets per minute 
  • Google translates 69,500,000 words per minutes 
  • Giphy serves 569,217 GIFs per minute
  • Instagram users like 2,430,555 posts each minute
  • 3,567,850 text messages are sent in the US every minute 
  • Buzzfeed users view 159,380 pieces of content each minute 
  • Amazon make $222,283 in sales each minute 
  • Every minute, Siri answers 99,206 requests 
  • Facebook Messenger users share 216,302 photos per minute 
  • Tinder users swipe 972,222 times per minute 
  • YouTube users share 400 hours of new video each minute 
  • Americans use 18,264,840 megabytes of wireless data per minute 
DataNeverSleeps 2016 Smaller
By using resources like this, you can collect, analyze and leverage data to provide intelligent colocation, connectivity, and customer service to help distinguish your business as the best in the market. 

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