A view from the CEO

Written by Neil Cresswell, CEO at VIRTUS Data Centres Published 2015-07-21 08:00:00

Following the announcement of our new joint venture investor ST Telemedia, the last three weeks at VIRTUS have been a bit of a whirlwind. We have rounded out a record sales quarter as well as a half-year, which has enabled us to start building out Phase 2 of LONDON2 ahead of schedule. In addition, the news of our new investor has generated a lot of media and customer interest, and I'm pleased to say that it's all overwhelmingly positive. And it doesn't stop there, as we have also experienced a massive uptick in the number of new enquiries we have received, with people wanting to find out more about VIRTUS and ST Telemedia. And let's also not forget the many existing VIRTUS customers who have been keen to find out about the new capabilities of the wider ST Telemedia Group, as they may have requirements in Asia and other parts of the world outside the UK.

Being the first commercial data centre user of evaporative adiabatic indirect fresh air cooling in the UK, which went live last autumn, it's been great to see how efficiently the technology copes with hotter weather over the last few weeks enabling us to provide the most efficient data centre solutions and value in the UK to our customers. We were the first to use this new technology in the UK, and our Operations team have continuously been looking at new and exciting technology developments in the spheres of data centre efficiency and connectivity with the aim of bringing these benefits to our customers in the coming months and years. Being part of a wider global group makes this more interesting; as our development team have also been looking at accelerating work on our next development projects for LONDON3 and LONDON4 and we hope to have some news on those fronts soon.

All in all exciting times at VIRTUS!

Neil Cresswell, CEO VIRTUS Data Centres