The Smart Home

Written by VIRTUS Data Centres Published 2014-10-24 08:00:00

As the 'Internet of Things' and connected devices become commonplace, the home of the future will see technological innovations driven by data and smart sensors in every room of the house. We have created an interactive smart home which you can click on and explore to see the types of products that will be available in the next few years.

You can click on the image below to be taken to the full-size, interactive version of the home.

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You can also see the full list of smart items and their descriptions below:

Entrance/front door

Smart Lock: Smart locks can be operated automatically via fingerprint recognition or facial recognition through a webcam. Alternatively the lock can recognise when your phone (a 'digital key') is in the vicinity and open or close accordingly.

Wifi Doorbell: Wifi doorbells will video call your mobile when a visitor arrives. Working with a smart lock, you can also allow remote opening of the door to let them in.


Smart Alarm: Smart alarms use a body tracker attached to the bed or a wearable monitor to analyse your optimum waking time based on sleep cycles.

Bedroom Light: Smart bedroom lights can be connected to a smart alarm, and are triggered to gently turn on and gradually brighten to wake you up as naturally as possible.


Smart Scale: Wifi-enabled smart scales can upload weight progress online, and also send information directly to your GP to monitor BMI or fitness regime progress.

Wireless Taps: Wireless taps enable you to turn them on and off remotely, allowing you to fill a bathtub before you even get home from work, or from another room in the house.

Toothbrush: Smart toothbrushes feedback information about the quality of a brushing session – ideal for parents monitoring their children's brushing.

Connected Pill Box: Connected pill boxes will remind you when to take your prescription medicine. Reminders can be sent to a user's phone or an audible reminder will be emitted from the case. You will also be able to order a repeat prescription by clicking a button on the lid.

Smart Mirror: Smart mirrors can show news headlines, weather forecasts and more for you to read while getting ready in the morning.


Smart Office Chair: A smart office chair can track the length of time you have been sitting down and monitor your posture. It will also recommend exercise schedules and alterations to your chair's set up to make sure you are more comfortable.

Lamp: Two interconnected smart lights that connect the office to the home. When the one at work is pressed, it alerts those at home that they are leaving to begin the commute back.

Smart Phone Tracker: Owners can remotely operate their smart phones via an app to lock their device if it has been stolen or lost. The app also allows remote image capture so you can see the surroundings your lost or stolen phone is in, as well as being able to request GPS location information again via text.

Living Room

Smart Speakers: Using a Wifi network, these speakers will play music from any of your connected devices and can be activated remotely.

Smart TV: Smart TVs feature streamable content and makes recommendations based on your viewing patterns and tastes. They can also detect when you leave the room based on a connection to your smart phone, and either pause playback or set up recording as desired.

Smart Remote: Your smart phone can be enabled as a smart TV remote using an app. Alternatively some smart TVs are voice or body controlled.


Smart crock pot: A smart crock pot is a textable piece of kitchenware that you can command to turn off or on as well as adjust the temperature – all remotely via your phone.

Smart fridge: Smart fridges can send owners images of the contents to aid with food shopping, as well as texting specific reminders thanks to features such as smart egg minders.

Smart dishwasher: Smart dishwashers can be operated remotely via an app – allowing owners to start or end a washing cycle, and choose features such as temperature without having to be in the house.

Smart AGA: The Aga iTotal Control can be operated via a website, app or text, with the ability to choose separate ovens and hotplates to turn on or off at various temperatures.

Smart coffee maker: Allowing you to brew coffee from anywhere, smart coffee machines can be operated via your smart phone.

Smart kettle: Along with the smart coffee maker, smart kettles can be set to boil from anywhere, via a laptop or smart phone.

Smart water filter: This water filter will alert you by text when cartridges are low so you can pick more up on the way home.

Smart food scale: Smart food scales can tell you the nutritional values of the portion size they are weighing by using an internet connection.

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