AI Ready Data Centres

VIRTUS is building the next generation of AI Ready data centres

  • Structurally ready to accommodate heavier and more powerful racks
  • Advanced cooling technologies including immersive and direct to chip cooling
  • Access to vast amounts of truly green power
  • Flexibility to design and customise data centre space to suit

Our Experience

Our Design and Solutions teams work in collaboration with all our customers to create truly tailor-made solutions that benefit from their combined industry leading expertise. This design could be for an entire facility, heightened security or solving complex cooling and power requirements such as those posed by new and developing AI/Machine Learning (ML) workloads. Click here to find out how VIRTUS delivered a solution that utilised a combination of liquid and air cooling technologies to support a multi-megawatt AI/ML deployment with ultra high densities.


Liquid & Immersive Cooling

VIRTUS has been designing and operating advanced liquid and immersive cooling solutions with cutting edge technology since 2021, working in a collaborative approach with all customers to support AI. VIRTUS’ agile design even allows HPC and traditional networking IT equipment to be in the same room at very close proximity.

Our AI data centre solutions are designed to support large Generative AI workloads that are latency sensitive, and our future data centre portfolio across Europe are being designed leveraging this experience and technology at scale. 


Renewable Energy Data Centres

VIRTUS is the UK’s largest data centre provider powered by purely renewable energy. We design, build, and run our data centres to the highest possible standards, and have achieved ISO Certification for Energy Usage, Quality Management, Environmental Governance, Data Centre KPIs & Infrastructure, IT, and Data Centre Security. For the complete package, discover our Quality Credentials.