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If you have any spare IT equipment that you would be willing to donate, then VIRTUS would be grateful to receive it, as part of our new charity initiative to supply the Elmina JHS school in Ghana with computer equipment. If you have anything from monitors and keyboards to hard-drives and cables it would be fantastic to be able to collect these for transfer to the school. We're working with Oakwood Park Grammar School to facilitate the project, and this is a bit more information from about the Kenyan school:-

"Elmina JHS takes children from 11 to 19. Teaching there is hard as the students have no access to books or to the internet. We had raised enough money to buy them a laptop and projectors to use in the classroom and our local Rotary Club give us money to pay for the internet dongle every year. However, one computer is not enough for all those children. We raised money to help them build a secure room to have an IT suite, but we still have no computers! The students could use their time in the 'IT suite' to communicate with us. They write letters but the post is so bad that a letter can take three months to arrive. The Elmina students would learn word processing skills, they could empower themselves via global knowledge so that they wouldn't have to learn by rote and to communicate with their parents who are working in the capital. When the Ghanaian teachers came to us, they were moved to tears by how our students could bring knowledge to the classroom. We hope to give Elmina students some freedom to learn about the wide world they live in.

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The room is very small, so to begin with 10 computers would be a great start. The computers would need to be reset to factory settings which would give the students the ability to use wordpad. The power is the same as in the UK with square plugs.It is on the coastal region of Ghana where most people are farmers or fishermen."

If you would like to help at all in any way then that would be greatly appreciated. To get in touch with us please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..