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VIRTUS High Frequency Trading

VIRTUS High Frequency Trading

VIRTUS' High Frequency Trading (HFT) offering:

VIRTUS LONDON5/6 is ideally located between the two major financial hubs in the UK – London City (London Stock Exchange) and Slough (Chi-x, amongst others). This uniquely located position - near Stockley Park - on the new lowest latency fibre path between these important end points, with pre-built fibre interconnects, enables businesses to access the lowest possible latencies between these two hubs, possibly negating the requirement to have a presence in both.

If you trade across multiple markets and asset classes and/or have a vested interest in arbitrage, then colocating in a data centre that accesses all of these at the lowest latency is key.

By choosing to partner with VIRTUS at LONDON5/6, you are conveniently located between the Slough and City finance hubs and will benefit from sitting on the  lowest latency fibre path between both

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