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Education, Research & Healthcare

Higher education and research organisations face challenges to ensure that their IT works harder for less. According to Gartner, 451 Research and other industry bodies, increasing adoption of shared services through private, public and hybrid cloud computing is one of the main ways to help address the urgent digitisation of their application and data platforms.

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Higher Education and Research organisations are experiencing increased demand for efficiency, lower costs and lower environmental impact, which has led to High Performance Computing (HPC) forming a crucial element of IT operations.

VIRTUS owns, designs, builds and operates the UK’s most efficient and flexible data centres. They lead the industry with award winning innovation in hyper efficient, ultra-high density and highly interconnected facilities. VIRTUS, home of the UK’s first shared data centre for research and education – connected directly through JISC’s higher education network, JANET.

The VIRTUS Solution

The shared data centre is well established, with an extensive base of tenants from large Universities and research institutes, whose main focus is on high-end collaborative research, combined with enterprise applications. By connecting directly to the JANET core network, we can ensure that the large bandwidth requirements of research are met. This includes the storage of large data sets and the ability to link up high performance computing facilities at a national and international level.

Hyper Efficiency

Moving your IT infrastructure off-campus and into a purpose built data centre allows you to maximise efficiency from your IT infrastructure. The heightened efficiency is achieved by intelligently designed facilities operating at the highest standard, resulting in an industry-leading PUE and ultimately reducing OpEx. Further to this, by moving your IT infrastructure off-campus, you can free up valuable space for other activities, eradicating the challenge of supporting data centre electrical and cooling infrastructure whilst also enabling staff to dedicate core time to core business activities as dedicated client managers are on hand 24/7.

Agile Commercials

VIRTUS' solution gives you total transparency of your IT deployments allowing you to make accurate real-time decisions. By deploying your IT assets in the shared data centre, you can effectively reduce OpEx by only paying for the power you consume, thereby allowing you to directly control and reduce power costs.


By colocating in the shared data centre, you can consolidate your IT infrastructure and data in a secure environment. The VIRTUS portfolio gives you the option of a primary or back-up facility.


By hosting IT infrastructure in one central location it creates a convenient ecosystem, the facility helps to foster collaboration and the effective sharing of important data sets.