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LONDON2 is intelligent by design, offering a PUE of less than 1.2 in a facility that offers 11.4mW of IT power, all at a Uptime Tier III certified standard.

LONDON2 • Hayes

LONDON2 is VIRTUS' flagship data centre in London, UK, designed to meet the growing demand for scalable, reliable, on-demand colocation services.

The data centre is the first in London to deploy a new ground breaking fresh-air, evaporative cooling technology which dramatically decreases energy consumption, bringing site power usage effectiveness (PUE) to below 1.2 and delivering substantial TCO reductions to VIRTUS' clients.

The facility, designed to deliver high quality customer solutions, has six data halls, all capable of being subdivided allowing clients to have anything from a cabinet in a shared space, to their own suite or data hall with dedicated power and cooling.

The site is highly secure, away from main roads and behind 5 meter high security fences, with a 24/7 on site security, technical support and monitoring centres to maintain VIRTUS' 100% uptime record.

It also incorporates new innovative on-line real-time monitoring dashboards, and self-service tools for clients to use either remotely, or in one of the customer-friendly dedicated rooms or café areas that are designed into the facility. With 12MW of IT load already delivered to the site, LONDON2 is now ready for client occupation.

Key features

LONDON2 (Hayes) offers 6,000 sqm. of Tier 3 net technical data centre space across the entire facility. The data centre is designed around delivering six data halls all capable of subdivision for maximum flexibility, with an average power density of 2 kW per sq. m. The data centre is designed to offer N+N redundancy on UPS, and N+1 on all other critical services. Space is available from dedicated suites to cabinets within a shared space.


  • Proprietary eco-efficient, optimised design for fully flexible, bespoke customer solutions
  • Ultra high power density solutions available (40 kW per cabinet footprint) without in row cooling


  • Facility PUE of < 1.2
  • Powered by 100% renewable sources
  • Cooling supplied by indirect fresh air evaporative cooling;
    the first of its kind in London
  • Designed to BREEAM 'Excellent' standard


  • Unique location: close to the City but outside the congestion zone
    (27 km distance in fibre km to Docklands)


  • Wide choice of Tier I and Tier II carriers 
  • Interconnection with all major European internet exchanges


  • 24/7/365 on site security and technical support


  • Designed and built to a Tier 3 specification
  • Total IT power of 12 MW and 6,000 sqm of net technical space
  • Hot aisle containment to maximise efficiencies within each data hall