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  • 27MW
  • 10,600 NTM

The facility is part of the new VIRTUS Slough Campus

LONDON4 is VIRTUS' largest data centre, and is part of the VIRTUS Data Centre Campus at Slough. It is linked to LONDON3, allowing customer expansion to a contiguous facility

Key features

The facility is part of the VIRTUS Data Centre Campus at Slough, with LONDON4 designed to deliver high quality customer solutions, comprised of over 10,600m2 net technical data centre space, and delivering 27MW of IT load. LONDON4 is capable of being subdivided allowing clients to have anything from a rack in a colocation space, to their own suite or data hall with dedicated power and cooling.

The site is highly secure - VIRTUS operates a 'defence-in-depth' approach to security. With a dedicated on-site security team 24/7, protecting your IT infrastructure is our highest priority.

The data centre also incorporates VIRTUS' real-time monitoring dashboards, and self-service tools for customers to use either remotely, or in one of our dedicated customer offices, kitchen or touchdown areas that are designed into the facility.

The facility is carrier neutral and provides access to a wide choice of Tier I and Tier II carriers, and on-ramp access to all major cloud and connectivity platforms.

Additonally, LONDON3 has received the Uptime Institue Management and Operations (M&O) seal of approval, acknowledging the facility as adhering to the highest industry standards for operational excellence.

LONDON4 is proud to be home of the Jisc Shared Data Centre, comprising of approximately 25 academic and research organisations. This represents some of the UK's most powerful supercomputers. 

Slough Data Centres


  • 7.2MW
  • 3,000 NTM


  • 27MW
  • 10,600 NTM



  • 24MW
  • 10,000 NTM



  • 6.6MW
  • 3,000 NTM



  • 13MW
  • 5,500 NTM


  • Total Flexibility
    • Eco-efficient, optimised design for fully flexible, bespoke customer solutions
    • Ultra-high power density solutions available for high performance computing requirements
    • On-ramp access to all major cloud and connectivity providers
  • Maximum Efficency
    • VIRTUS 'Air Flooded Room' principle
    • Hot-aisle containement
    • Ability to host over 40kW racks
  • Optimised Locations
    • Strategically situated on the Slough Trading Estate
    • 27 miles from Central London and accessible by a fast rail link station located less than one mile away
    • Easy access to M25/M4