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Reports & Articles

- CBRE COVID-19 Impact Report: VIRTUS' CEO, Neil Cresswell, shares insights into the short term and long-term impact on the data centre industry.

- 451 Research Report on VIRTUS: VIRTUS Data Centres builds high density into its London colocation mix.

- 451 Research Report on VIRTUS: VIRTUS serves up colocation on demand in London, readies second datacenter by 451 Research analyst Kelly Morgan

- Data Centre Management Report: Analysing the skills needed for an evolving workplace. 

- 451 Research Report on VIRTUS: London's VIRTUS breaks the traditional colocation mold by 451 Research analysts Penny Jones and Rory Duncan.

DatacenterDynamics Interview VIRTUS for FOCUS Magazine: "DCIM at your Service" by Penny Jones: 

Copyright of this article is the property of DatacenterDynamics FOCUS Magazine [July/August 2014 issue], with permission to redistribute granted to VIRTUS, as published.

- Inside Networks' Rob Shepherd interviews Neil Cresswell, VIRTUS CEO in The shape of things to come.

Copyright of this article is property of Inside Networks [March 2015], with permission granted to VIRTUS to publish.

White Papers

- Cloud in the Real World Regardless of whether your organisation is making the leap to an all-cloud business, or taking a more measured approach, there is a strong argument to be made for selecting a local cloud brokerage, and understanding the exact parameters of what one is buying. Download our

- Build vs Buy All the information you need about the benefits of building or buying a data centre

- The Intelligent Data Centre VIRTUS: Ahead of the Intelligent Data Centre Curve