Neil Cresswell talks about Virtus’ new Connectivity-On-Demand solution

Published 2013-12-13 12:52:00

When Virtus added CoLo-On-Demand to its Virtus Intelligent Data Centre portfolio earlier this year, it challenged the landscape of the traditional colocation industry. For the very first time, we were offering customers the opportunity to flex up/down their power requirements from 0kW to 10kW per rack on a daily basis and provide contracts that could be terminated on a day’s notice.

This ground breaking concept allowed our customers to align their IT power bills with their actual work output, but connectivity still posed a problem because standard contracts lacked the flexibility of the CoLo-On-Demand solution.  And in order to truly reflect our customers’ dynamic requirements, flexible colo needs flexible connectivity.

We have been working with our connectivity partners to develop Connectivity-On-Demand; a highly flexible connectivity solution offering Interconnections between LONDON1 and over 100 ‘on net’ data centres in the UK and a ‘Pay as you Use’ IP Transit service.

Virtus’ flexible Interconnect service can be turned off or flexed up or down between 100mb or 1Gb on 30 day’s notice without penalty while the IP transit service is based on usage and actual bandwidth consumed rather than committed data rates and punitive “burst charges”.

With the combination of CoLo-On-Demand and Connectivity-on-Demand our customers can effectively have “Flexible Everything” – colo, connectivity and customer services – this is a new, truly flexible and dynamic model for procuring enterprise data centre solutions.

The full range of Intelligent Data Centre products has been specifically developed to help customers meet challenges such as delivering 100% uptime for production, matching data centre costs to ever-changing requirements, testing new markets without long term commitment, and  accurate monitoring and control allowing agile resource re-allocation in line with business requirements.

Customers can now choose the products that best suit their business requirements whether it be for a specific project that is heavily workload based, a development platform for research or laboratory work or just simply because a customer wants low cost access to a state-of-the-art data centre facility. LONDON1 has been designed to be flexible enough that it can accommodate racks of up to 25kW so high density deployments are not a problem for us.

The Intelligent Data Centre portfolio is ideally suited for anyone who has changing workload requirements from a large enterprise client to a startup, ‘sandbox’ or ‘shopfront’. More importantly they guarantee that all our customers are getting absolute flexibility and the lowest TCO possible without compromising on quality of design and implementation.

Virtus aim to continue to innovate in-line with and beyond the way businesses of all types deploy and acquire data centre and connectivity services, to ensure we exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, flexibility, service and value.

Once again I’m proud to say that Virtus is leading the industry in flexibility, efficiency and service!

For more information on CoLo-On-Demand or Connectivity-On-Demand please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..