Published 2013-09-02 07:58:00

London 2 September 2013 - A quick update from Virtus on this lovely late summer day in London.

Another milestone was reached this week in our new West London data centre (LON2) build project. It is our second data centre, which complements the Virtus North London site.

Drilling under the approach road was completed to allow the installation of the underground ducts supplying the secured 20MVA power supply to the compound; making it a short hop from the sub-station to the new data centre site.

Powered by renewable energy, LON2 will be the first data centre in London to use an innovative Indirect Evaporative fresh air cooling system, giving it the lowest PUE in London at less than 1.25.

The 165,000 square foot LON2 building will handle some of the highest power densities in London of up to 40 kW per cabinet.

It will open with many global and national carriers available on site thanks to the rich carrier density in that part of West London, which will be good for the numerous pre-let customers already in discussions with us about taking space in LON2.