VIRTUS Data Centres invest in premium connectivity options for LONDON2 data centre

Published 2014-09-23 08:16:00

Investment in Hayes location delivers benefits for both customers and providers

London, UNITED KINGDOM – 23rd September 2014 – VIRTUS Data Centres Ltd. (VIRTUS), London's flexible and efficient data centre specialist, today announced the completion of its multiple sub-ducts access, a network of tunnels for connectivity providers to easily pull their fibre through, between its LONDON2 data centre in Hayes and existing fibre routes north and south of the facility. This initiative will make it simpler and more cost-effective for fibre providers to resiliently connect with VIRTUS and its customers.

By implementing a fully diverse multi sub-duct network, VIRTUS is enabling providers to easily interconnect to the VIRTUS data centre and pull fibre through from existing routes minimising additional construction works needed, direct to resilient ‘meet me’ rooms, a space in the data centre where telecommunications companies can physically connect to one another and exchange data.

The venture follows a partnership with euNetworks to provide ducts into LONDON2, with multiple sub ducts per duct and high fibre count cables. Each  fibre pair (of which there are 1000’s) supports multiple terabit’s of bandwidth connectivity. VIRTUS’ LONDON2 will have multiple Tier 1, Tier 2, national and global providers delivering services to customers using this infrastructure from day one.

The connectivity solutions complement the already-optimised location of VIRTUS’ LONDON2 data centre which is in a ‘Goldilocks zone’ of connectivity – situated close enough to both London and Slough to allow fully inter-active data replication services, but far enough from both to satisfy disaster recovery requirements.

LONDON2’s location also opens up international opportunities for businesses, being linked to fibre routes that are connected to mainland Europe yet avoid London, as well as routing across the Atlantic. Because of this, VIRTUS can offer the most complete range of connectivity options, both for domestic and international customers.

No other data centre provider offers the same optimised location, range of connectivity, density of physical fibre; and both multiple global and national tier one and two providers delivering services to customers on day one. As a result, LONDON2 is expected to become one of the most service provider dense facilities in London. This move will allow VIRTUS to strengthen its proposition in markets such as financial services, where it is progressing with customer wins.

Darren Watkins, Sales Director, VIRTUS Data Centres says: “Connectivity has become a deciding factor for customers looking at which data centre to co-locate in, and this has, in turn, required that providers ensure that they can meet customer needs with as many connected locations as possible. The ease with which providers can now connect with VIRTUS will mean that more fibre will join our ecosystem, thereby creating an increasingly attractive solution for our customers. We already have an optimised location in Hayes (LONDON2), and we’ve built on the investment we have made in premium connectivity solutions, ensuring that we are consistently relating back to the mantra of either equaling or beating our competitors on service, but at lower and more flexible pricing.”

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