Virtus Data Centres Launches Connectivity-On-Demand Services

Published 2013-11-28 12:37:00

London, 28 November 2013 - Virtus, London's flexible and efficient data centre specialists, announced today the launch of Connectivity-On-Demand services at its LONDON1 facility. The ground-breaking Connectivity-On-Demand services allow customers to increase or decrease their committed interconnect bandwidth on short notice or to use IP transit based on a totally flexible ‘consumption only' based model.

Virtus recognises that demand for infrastructure based services is more dynamic and flexible than ever before. Connectivity-On-Demand enhances the portfolio of ‘carrier neutral' connectivity services already present in Virtus' data centres and offers IT and Cloud Service providers, Enterprise IT and Media customers flexible connectivity options designed to meet their business requirements and align their revenues with their overheads.

Connectivity-On-Demand services offer significant benefits and cost savings compared to the standard connectivity model which ties customers into fixed contract terms (minimum one or typically three year contracts), with no possibility to shorten the term or flex the bandwidth without incurring very heavy costs due to cancellation of the service.

Connectivity-On-Demand works differently offering ground-breaking levels of flexibility and cost savings to both interconnect and IP transit users while maintaining industry leading SLAs and high quality connectivity. Interconnect users can adjust their bandwidth commitment up and down on a monthly basis giving them an opportunity to exactly match their varying bandwidth requirements and achieve significant cost savings. IP transit users will pay only for actual consumed bandwidth billed in arrears, rather than committed in advance. There are no burst charges and the higher the actual consumed bandwidth the lower the unit charge. The portfolio of Connectivity-On-Demand services is a perfect match to Virtus' CoLo-On-Demand service; a usage only based colocation product that allows a customer to scale up or down the amount of colocation services they want to use and pay for on a daily basis. Combined with a contract cancellation notice of just one day, CoLo-On-Demand is by far the most flexible colocation option in the data centre market today.

Commenting on the new Connectivity-On-Demand services, Neil Cresswell, CEO of Virtus said: "I am delighted to be able to announce the launch of Connectivity-on-Demand services at LONDON1; another addition to the Virtus Intelligent Data Centre portfolio. Virtus understands that our customers' IT business requirements are continually evolving and these new services are part of our commitment to providing the most flexible and efficient data centre solutions in the best eco-efficient ‘carrier neutral' facilities in London.

"We aim to continue to innovate in-line with and beyond the way businesses of all types deploy and acquire data centre and connectivity services, to ensure we exceed our customers' expectations in quality, flexibility, service and value," Cresswell added.

For more information on Connectivity-On-Demand and CoLo-On-Demand services please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..