VIRTUS Data Centres Partners with Utilitywise to Successfully Join Government’s Climate Change Agreement Initiative

Published 2015-01-20 09:15:00

LONDON – 20th January 2015 – VIRTUS Data Centres Ltd. (VIRTUS), London's flexible and efficient data centre specialist, today announced that it has secured a Climate Change Agreement (CCA), to support meeting the government’s energy efficient requirements.

By joining a Climate Change Agreement with the support of Utilitywise, VIRTUS is better enabled to demonstrate commitment to managing the carbon impact of its operations. In doing so, VIRTUS provides clearer visibility to customers into the effect of carbon legislation on their cost of service at a time when they may need to understand and report on their own compliance. Managing carbon impact through a CCA provides colocation data centre operators with a more aligned framework than the previous Carbon Reduction Commitment, taking into account the specifics of the fast growing data centre industry. CCAs are a formal long-term commitment to increase efficiency within the data centre, which can be challenging for organisations with legacy facilities without significant investment. VIRTUS’ facilities offer the benefit of competitive pricing combined with operational and environmental efficiencies, which assist in supporting its customers’ corporate sustainability programs.

Neil Cresswell, CEO, VIRTUS Data Centres says: “VIRTUS’ successful securing of a CCA is further proof of the company’s continued commitment to the improvement of our environmental and operational efficiency. Now that VIRTUS’ flagship data centre, LONDON2, is complete which has been designed from the outset as a model of efficiency to meet the growing demand for scalable, reliable, on-demand colocation services, we look forward to continue to working with Utilitywise to assist us in applying for and managing our CCA requirements on an ongoing basis.”

Tim Hipperson, Head of Supplier Relations and Regulation at Utilitywise says: “The data centre industry is one of the most energy intensive in the world and its growth is expected to soar as people rely evermore on the digital world. It’s vital that companies act responsibly to ensure environmental and operational efficiency. VIRTUS proved itself to be a very environmentally conscientious company from the outset and by working with experts at Utilitywise, was able to complete the CCA application process, from site visit to CCA activation, in just four weeks.”

Cresswell continues: “Being a signatory to a CCA opens VIRTUS Data Centres up to multiple industries where businesses have been looking to move away from expensive long term contracts but have been unable to because of compliance and security reasons. Through being CCA holders at LONDON1 and LONDON2 VIRTUS will be able to offer customers high quality, secure, cost effective space with flexible contracts to suit their individual needs.”


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