Virtus enables connectivity to AWS Direct Connect in its LONDON1 data centre through Level 3 Communications network

Published 2014-03-21 10:23:00

LONDON – 18 March 2014 – Virtus Data Centres Ltd. (Virtus), London's flexible and efficient data centre specialists, announced today that connectivity to AWS Direct Connect is now available from its LONDON1 data centre, enabled by an agreement with Level 3 Communications and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS Direct Connect is particularly suited to customers that are working with large quantities of data and real-time data feeds, or have regulatory requirements that inhibit usage over the Internet. Using AWS Direct Connect, customers in Virtus’ LONDON1 data centre can now establish private network connections between their existing dedicated IT infrastructure and the AWS platform and have direct access to cloud services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Simple Storage Service and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.

Connecting through AWS Direct Connect over Level 3’s network increases performance and provides a more cost-effective, resilient network capability. As an AWS Partner Network (APN) Technology Partner supporting AWS Direct Connect, Level 3 offers private network connections to most AWS Direct Connect locations. The AWS partnership reinforces the portfolio of Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions, which offers extensive fibre-based routes with latency guarantees between enterprises and AWS to improve application performance.
Neil Cresswell, CEO of Virtus Data Centres, commented: “Virtus’ continued commitment to provide a rich variety of interconnection solutions, including access to AWS, helps today's enterprises solve an array of complex application and architectural challenges. Extending Virtus’ service offering with access to AWS via Level 3’s network enables our customers to design their applications to achieve faster end-user response times, greater security and availability, and better protection from potential failures. These capabilities, combined with network services from a wide range of carriers and cloud service providers interconnecting in Virtus’ data centres, further increase the value of the Virtus’ ecosystem.”

“We provide customers of Virtus’ data centres with a range of high-quality, high-performance connectivity services, and are now further strengthening that relationship by enabling connectivity to AWS Direct Connect from Virtus’ LONDON1 data centre,” said Martin Ford, senior vice president of Sales in EMEA, Level 3 Communications. "Global customers can leverage connectivity to AWS Direct Connect over Level 3’s global network to enable localised access to their user base.”

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