VIRTUS featured in Computer Weekly

Published 2015-08-23 08:00:00

Research suggests inner cities are falling out of favour with datacentre developers, with cost-sensitive users willing to look further afield for co-location services

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The amount of space and power consumed by European datacentres is tipped to grow by nearly 20% between now and 2020, fuelled in no small part by the region’s growing demand for cloud-based services and applications.

Based on the findings of Tariff Consultancy’s recent Datacentre Europe Pricing report, it’s fair to assume a sizeable portion of the capacity needed to deliver these services will be built out in the UK, reinforcing the country’s position as the continent’s largest datacentre market.

VIRTUS' Product Strategy Director, Matthew Larbey, commented  "It was great to see the recent article in Computer Weekly highlighting that inner cities are falling out of favour with datacentre developers. The findings of the Tariff Consultancy's Datacentre Europe Pricing report were extremely interesting and support VIRTUS Data Centres own approach to data centre development.

With today's digital economy challenges, high real estate prices and other issues that come with deploying in large cities, our focus has been on deployments on the outskirts of London; as was the case with our most recent 'intelligent by design' LONDON2 data centre in Hayes.

Locating our facilities in these 'Goldilock' locations that are neither too close, nor too far from the city centre give our data centres the ability to still provide the low latency and rich fibre connectivity our larger corporate clients require while being able to offer larger hyperscale inventory with more cost effective operations because of the lower real-estate costs which ultimately get passed onto customers as a lower total cost of service."

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