Intelligent Colocation, Connectivity & Support by VIRTUS


Services fall under three product families: Intelligent Colocation, Intelligent Connectivity and Intelligent Customer Services.

VIRTUS’ intelligent portfolio of Services is ‘flexible by design’ and efficient. As one size doesn’t fit all, VIRTUS has created different intelligent solutions for different needs. Clients have varying workloads, project lengths or changing business requirements and VIRTUS’ solutions cater to these needs. VIRTUS’ data centres are 100% green and operate on low cost energy, with low PUE. VIRTUS’ “eco-engineered” design, low operations and build costs, economies of scale and intelligent monitoring and management tools all contribute to their highly efficient operation. Being well positioned in outer London location, they provide low cost connectivity.

VIRTUS has launched their range of solutions expanding the VIRTUS Intelligent Data Centre portfolio of Services. These products enable customers to choose the IT solution that best suits their business whilst ensuring they are getting absolute flexibility and the lowest TCO possible, without compromising on quality of design and implementation.

The VIRTUS Advantage

All colocation options benefit from the following standard features:

  • Access controlled entry/egress and CCTV
  • Power delivered via shared iPDU’s configured 2N
  • Cooling delivered via shared cooling units configured N+1
  • Power SLA delivered on rack (plug-set) level
  • Multi-point VESDA Fire Detection system
  • Marioff ‘Hi-Fog’ Fire Suppression system
  • Building Management and Power Monitoring Systems
  • Access to the VIRTUS Intelligent Portal (VIP) with full DCIM capability. The VIP is a web tool which offers customers the same level of control over their data centre deployment as if it was their own data centre
  • VIRTUS’ Remote Hands Service is available 24/7 giving you complete peace of mind that your hardware and applications are in safe hands. VIRTUS can supply and install racks and help you move in when you are ready
  • The VIRTUS Market Place provides customers with an easy way to find, discover and connect to the VIRTUS ecosystem of best-of-breed partners and suppliers