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Cloud & Connectivity

Cloud & Connectivity

Whether your business is already using cloud applications or it’s part of your data centre strategy going forward, VIRTUS has created an optimised environment for your IT infrastructure to connect to any major public cloud platform, also providing extensive access to over 20 Infrastructure, Platform, Software and Business Process as-a-service providers, growing all the time through the VIRTUS’ Marketplace.

By partnering with VIRTUS you can easily connect to:



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Whether your business requires access to public cloud, bespoke connectivity for your deployment or a hybrid of both, VIRTUS offers limitless connectivity to all our customers. By investing in diverse fibre duct infrastructure, VIRTUS has enabled service providers to easily interconnect to our data centres and pull through dark or grey fibre from existing routes, minimising the need for additional construction works. All the data centres are located in and around London’s Metro area, providing easy access, unparalleled connectivity and low, sub-millisecond latency to major Points of Presence (PoPs).

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