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Virtus’ CoLo-On-Demand® offers elastic infrastructure services to meet your changing requirements.

Virtus’ CoLo-On-Demand® offers elastic infrastructure services to meet your changing requirements. 

In today’s fast moving world, IT Service Providers need to dynamically respond and provision environments to meet the changing needs of their customers and growing businesses.

This is difficult to achieve when the underpinning data centre infrastructure does not respond in the same way. Typical arrangements with data centre operators are long, rigid, restrictive and often increasingly high cost leases rather than flexible service agreements.

In response, and in conjunction with leading cloud industry experts, we’ve designed a new colocation service for the IT Service Provider and Enterprise IT world.

We call it, ‘CoLo-on-Demand®’.

Features and Benefits

  • Allows your business to turn-up or turn-down the amount of infrastructure you buy.
  • After the first month you can scale up, scale down or even cancel your commitment, at any time, all you need to do is e-mail us and we will change your bill accordingly.
  • The more power you use, the lower your on-going costs per kW used will be. Realign your base power level up or down on demand once every 24 hours if needed.
  • To keep your costs low you can realign your base level. Align your revenues to your overheads.
  • Continuity of space and ease of cross connections.
  • Reduce your risk by deciding what length of contract is right for you.
  • 100% uptime service level agreement – We  have a 100% uptime track record since our first data centre was launched.

Download the data sheet for CoLo-On-Demand®.



  • Physical rack 600mm x 1000/1200mm x 42U.
  • Dual A&B power feeds.
  • In rack PDUs.
  • Monthly actual power consumption monitoring and reporting.


On demand support services, such as:

  • Migration assistance.
  • Remote hands.
  • Technical support by certified engineers.
  • Resilient IP bandwidth connectivity.
  • Connectivity-On-Demand.
  • DCIM portal.