Intelligent and Scalable Colocation UK Services by VIRTUS


VIRTUS offers a wide range of flexible colocation solutions to meet your power and space requirements. VIRTUS’ Colocation is designed to have maximum flexibility. Our dedicated Solutions Team will work with you to design your perfect data centre environment.

VIRTUS offers flexible colocation to meet your IT power and space requirements. The modular facilities are designed to scale up with customer growth. This combined with truly flexible commercials allows customers to grow in a cost efficient and unrestrictive environment. To discuss any colocation requirements that your business has, please feel free to call our dedicated Solutions Team here

  • Rack VIRTUS icons Mar19 01

    Rack Solution

    Best suited to customers with a small number of racks that can be accommodated within a shared hall environment. Ideal for customers who need to keep their installation and configuration costs to a minimum.
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  • Cage VIRTUS icons Mar19 04

    Cage Solution

    Customers with mid to large size requirements who want additional installation or configuration options, can be deployed in a caged environment within a shared data hall and still benefit from minimised cost of installation.
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  • Suite VIRTUS icons Mar19 05

    Suite Solution

    Customers with larger deployments or with a need to configure their data hall to fit specific requirements, will appreciate the flexibility, where they have additional control over their deployment installation, including the option of dedicated plant.
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