High Density Computing by Virtus Data Centres
High Density Computing

High Density Computing

Increased demand for efficiency, lower cost and lower environmental impact, has led to High Density Computing (HDC) forming a crucial element of IT operations.

HDC offers customers the ability to consolidate their IT infrastructure, therefore reducing their footprint and overall cost. The denser the deployment, the more financially efficient customer’s deployment becomes.

HDC requires next generation cooling deployment and increased power per rack.  Many traditional data centres cannot provide this service, even at a medium density, without supplementary cooling and support infrastructure or a compromise to the original data centre design.  All of which represents additional cost which negates one of the key the benefits of a HDC deployment.

The VIRTUS Solution

VIRTUS’ data centres are uniquely built for the highest density deployments, and customers can easily have high density (10kW-20kW) to ultra-high density (20kW-40kW) in a rack, without the requirement for any additional power or cooling infrastructure.  This is possible due to the innovative design of the data centre; a modular design using a flooded room principle unique in the London market place that allows for each rack to operate at a different density – negating the requirement for high density zones as the whole data centre can operate at ultra-high density wherever it is required.

VIRTUS’ high density solutions provide customers with a financial advantage, as the data centre is built to operate at a high density without any supplementary support technology, and therefore the costs per kW reduces with the increasing density within the rack.  The denser the computing power can be stacked in a rack, the cheaper the data centre space can be offered to the customer, making a high density deployment significantly more cost effective.

High and Ultra-high density is particularly attractive to some industry sectors, including Cloud providers, Digital Media, Research and higher bandwidth density Telco solutions.