High Performance Computing (HPC)

VIRTUS specialises in hosting High Performance Computing (HPC). Our data centres provide the perfect environment for HPC deployments of any size. The facilities utilise the 'air-flooded room principle' to negate the need for costly supplementary cooling.

HPC requires next generation cooling deployment and increased power per rack. Many traditional data centres cannot provide this service, even at a medium density, without supplementary cooling and support infrastructure or a compromise to the original data centre design. All of which represents additional cost which negates one of the key benefits of a HPC deployment. 

The VIRTUS Solution

All of VIRTUS' solutions are taliored to our customers - no two deployments are the same. In the case of our multiple HPC customers, we work with them to create the perfect environment for their solution. Our highly advanced cooling already provides the foundation, meaning our facilities are ready for your supercompute and HPC needs. 

Our dedicated solutions team will work with you on your individual requirement, facilitating the further design of your solution. For example, upgraded Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and/or utilising technologies such as Immersive Cooling. 

Key Facts

  • Supporting deployments of up to 80kW per rack
  • Built from inception to enable HPC deployment to virtually any size within your dedicated cage/suite environment
  • Immersive cooling ready
  • Facilities built to an uptime Tier III+ standard
  • Utilising VIRTUS' air-flooded-room principle
  • 100% of power from truly renewable, carbon zero sources (Tidal, Wind & Solar Power)

For more information, download our High Performance Computing datasheet, or fill out the 'Get in touch' form down bellow.

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