VIRTUS Intelligent Portal | Providing Maximum Transparency
VIRTUS Intelligent Portal

VIRTUS Intelligent Portal

The VIP is a web tool which offers customers control over their data centre deployment, as if it was their own, providing them with the transparency of data.

VIRTUS understands the changing requirements of colocation consumers. With rapid growth that is sometimes unpredictable, enterprises need full visibility and maximum flexibility. The VIP integrates and presents real time data for key aspects of a VIRTUS data centre.

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A web based interface provides customers with complete transparency and control of their colocated data centre usage. This enables customers to visualise their deployment and manage space, power, cooling and energy efficiency through a single view.

Download the VIRTUS Intelligent Portal Datasheet.

Key Benefits 

  • Bridges the gap between IT and Facilities to enable customers to view the running of the data centre at optimal efficiency and effectiveness and manage their own deployment within the data centre in the same way
  • Helps make better informed investment decisions and manage risk by using the analysis and "what if" planning tools
  • Enables a full audit trail and accountability for all actions, and enables service level measurement and opportunities for continuous process improvement
  • To-the-rack DCIM information is provided without charge and can be extended via additional iTRACS licensing to include the customer's own server, storage and IT networking assets inside the rack
  • The open platform architecture of the VIP supports a development roadmap that will allow integration with other VIRTUS business systems to include; customer  invoicing, remote access control and service ticketing data.
  • Can be white labelled by service resellers to provide sub customer segregation access

Key Features

Unified Service Management Portal

  • Individual apps provide role-based, multi-tenanted, bi-directional access to data sources in a secure and controlled manner
  • Open platform architecture supporting future development roadmap with other VIRTUS and customer business systems

Operations Management

  • Monitor and manage day-to-day operations with baseline DCIM functionality
  • Manage and resolve real-time events

Resource Management

  • Optimise the use of existing resources
  • Real-time energy usage and environmental measurements

Asset and Connectivity Management*

  • Maximise utilization and cost efficiency of IT asset portfolio
  • Manage port-to-port network connectivity
  • Minimise IT audit and compliance costs

Change Management

  • Select the best location for Moves, Adds, and Changes
  • Speed deployments
  • Predict impact on resources and service levels for each planned change

Availability and Resilience Management

  • Optimise delivery of service to the business
  • Find and mitigate sources of risk with single points of failure and predictive modelling

Capacity Planning and Demand Management

  • Measure actual vs. projected growth rates

If you are interested in learning more about the VIP, send VIRTUS an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

*Some features require additional iTRACS licensing