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Agile Commercials

Agile Commercials

VIRTUS agile solutions have brought true technical and commercial flexibility to the data centre market. We call it the Elastic Data Centre.


VIRTUS was the first data centre owner-operator to recognise that overly rigid long-term data centre contracts are no longer optimal for many global cloud and digital businesses, where the fast pace of business and technology can require business to change direction quickly.

If your business and IT agility is held back by antiquated and inflexible data centre platforms or contracts that can’t react quickly in line with your plans, this can lead to missed business opportunities and severe IT cost inefficiencies. This is a serious concern for our customers. VIRTUS Agile Solutions have brought true technical and commercial flexibility to the data centre market. We call it the Elastic Data Centre.

VIRTUS 3D Flexibility

VIRTUS 3D offers customers the ultimate in the elastic data centre. VIRTUS is the first Data Centre Provider to offer 3 Dimensional flexibility, providing the ability to flex the contracted power, space and time of your solution at any point. Firstly, Data Centre solutions from VIRTUS  allow for varying rack densities from 4kW to 40kW per rack, allowing customers to take full advantage of the differing costs per compute as they increase or decrease their IT density. Physical space can also be scaled up or down to match customers’ changing requirements; and VIRTUS 3D flexibility enables customers to reduce or extend time commitments during the contract term. Underpinning VIRTUS 3D’s unique offering are data centre solutions that offer High and Ultra-High Density capabilities as standard, a Flex commercial option and the easy to use Colo-on-Demand solution.

Our solutions, like Colo-On-Demand, enable rack customers to change their contracting requirements on a day-by-day basis, whereas VIRTUS Flex gives large customers the ability to vary their space or power density commitment up or down to match their IT and business needs. Through the VIRTUS Intelligent Portal (VIP), customers have up to the minute, accurate information about their IT usage to inform and predict their current and future commitment levels.

VIP transparently shares the data on a customer’s infrastructure, enabling them to make the most of VIRTUS unique contractual flexibility to continually optimise IT performance. This can save potentially millions of pounds in unnecessary space and power charges, over the life of some contracts. We give customers the ability to operate an “Elastic Data Centre” as if it were their own flexible asset that adapts to their demands. This is one of the key reasons customers do business with VIRTUS.

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VIRTUS Flex gives customers the ability to vary their space and power commitment up or down by up to 25% anytime during their contract term by serving 30 days’ notice – this can be done in staged increments or in one single change. VIRTUS Flex requires an initial minimum commitment of 1 year and is best suited to customers with larger deployments that will grow or shrink over time, where demand is difficult to predict or where an initial period of assessment is needed to analyse ongoing IT needs.

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VIRTUS Enterprise

VIRTUS Enterprise requires a minimum commitment of 1 year, it is ideal for customers that have a well understood requirement of their IT needs and who have a predictable commercial structure allowing them the lowest total cost of service.