VIRTUS saves around 45,000,000 tonnes of CO2 every year, enough to fill Wembley Stadium FIVE times over. What's more, VIRTUS is dedicated to achieving net zero emissions on all reportable activities by 2030.

Because we know that data centres consume vast amounts of power, we know it's our responsibility to minimise the environmental impact from all of our sites. That's why since 2012 we've been procuring our power from 100% renewable sources. This means we are completely carbon neutral on power consumption for our entire data centre portfolio.

VIRTUS currently procures its energy from Bryt Energy, who only supply wind, hydro and solar energy. There is absolutely no biomass energy involved, making our fuel mix 100% green.


Sustainable UK Data Centres

VIRTUS operates the gold standard in sustainable data centres, evolving Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) whilst maintaining 100% uptime. VIRTUS has used purely renewable energy since 2012, and we incorporate sustainability in the design, build and running of our cloud-connected data centres as we work towards ever-higher green standards. But what about the Cloud - Is the Cloud green?


Relocate To A Green Data Centre

As sustainability becomes increasingly important for business performance, working towards carbon neutrality means partnering with pioneers. At VIRTUS, we build and operate energy efficient data centres that combine hyper-connectivity with optimal efficiency. If you’re looking to relocate to increase your business sustainability, find out more about VIRTUS and how we build energy efficient data centres.


Carbon Neutral Data Centres

Achieving carbon neutrality in a business with high energy dependency needs a coordinated, highly organised long-term vision. At VIRTUS Data Centres, our energy standards make us as efficient as possible, with an approach that includes renewable power, innovative cooling systems, and heat capture – setting the standard for the 3 ways data centres are going green.


Accountable for Change

VIRTUS is proud to have been ISO50001 accredited at every one of our sites to showcase our commitment to the very best environmental standards and not all London data centre providers have achieved this high standard.

VIRTUS is also a member of key environmental bodies and schemes, such as the European Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact, the Climate Change Agreement for data centres and the leading data centre body, techUK. This means we're held accountable for not only maintaining the standards we hold now, but that we're also on track to further improving efficiency in the future.

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iMasons Climate Accord

VIRTUS has joined the iMasons Climate Accord (ICA). ICA is a historic coalition designed to govern a methodology to measure and reduce carbon in the infrastructure through products, power, and materials. We are joined by the leaders the industry who all agree the key to achieving carbon neutrality is by uniting together.

Join us in the pledge to work together to reduce carbon in the digital infrastructure. 

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