Operational Excellence

VIRTUS has over a decade’s experience in building award-winning data centres, and is the UK’s leading data centre provider. This experience allows us to offer truly world-class solutions and services to all of our customers.

Excellence and innovation are at the heart of everything we do, from construction and engineering to the efficiencies we offer and our dedicated customer service.

We’re proud to have been consistently recognised by leading industry bodies, with regular awards for our: Efficiency, Sustainable Operations, Overall Service and Rapid Growth.

We take industry certification seriously. VIRTUS has ISO9001, 14001, 20001, 27001 and 50001 at every site, and will happily work with customers to achieve other specific certifications if required.

VIRTUS takes efficiency and sustainability very seriously, and that’s why we’re certified BREEAM ‘Excellent’ for the overall efficiency of our site operations at LONDON2.