The Lowest Total Cost of Service - VIRTUS Data Centres

Total Cost Of Service

Our data centres are not only hyper efficient; offering the lowest PUEs available in a UK Tier III colocation environment, but we are the only provider that offers a transparent portal with DCIM capability (including power usage to-the-rack information) as part of our standard service.


Our flexible contracts enable our customers to utilise the information DCIM provides them with to ensure they always have the data, tools and commercial terms needed to match colocation spend with needs. If their requirements change over time, customers can easily change their contract terms to ensure they’re not paying for more that they use, or expand density in place from 4kW to 40kW per rack to optimise space and power cost efficiency.

Our Intelligent and Elastic data centre solutions offer the most complete and comprehensive service in the industry, covering world class colocation, connectivity and customer services.