Intelligent Colocation


 Virtus’ resilient and secure Tier 3 facilities have a 100% uptime track record. They are “Flexible by Design” and can handle a broad range of requirements, from a rack to a customised branded hall. 

Virtus can offer high density and low density deployments or a combination of both. From a day to a decade, Virtus offers the most flexible packages for businesses of all sizes.

The Intelligent Colocation family includes V-Rack, V-Pod, V-Cage and V-Suite.  


Virtus is “Flexible by Design”. Our data centres are designed to be ultimately flexible, with our proprietary, eco-engineered design, which enables fully bespoke customer solutions.


The energy and environmental efficiency of our data centres, the way we build and operate them, and the cost-effective locations provide you with significant TCO advantages.


Our unique locations within London offer a low latency, with central London less than 0.2 milliseconds away. The richness of our connectivity offerings provide further savings through low cost premium connectivity choices.

MSP Community


We are focused on developing the right environments for business communities to live in and cross-pollinate. Our Cloud and innovation expertise ensures that we offer the right products and services to leading technology companies who are set up for high, or unpredictable growth.

Key Features

    • 8,973 sq. m. net technical space.
    • 28 MVA total power capacity.
    • Flexible terms: CoLo-On-Demand.
    • Eco-efficient data centre design.
    • 100% track record of uptime.
    • 24/7 on-site security and technical staff.
    • 100% energy from renewable sources.
    • 100% availability SLA.
    • Suites, Pods, Cages and Racks

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