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VIRTUS is the UK's largest data centre provider with over a decade's experience and a 100% uptime record

100% Uptime

Our dedicated Solutions Team will work with you to create your perfect data centre environment.

VIRTUS' facilities are modular by design. This - combined with truly flexible commercials - allows customers to grow in a cost effective and unrestrictive environment.

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    Green Credentials

    Our data centres are powered by 100% truly renewable energy, and that will never change
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    Agile Commercials

    We enable you to grow and shrink your deployment in line with your business needs
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    Operational Excellence

    Committed to providing world-class service and committed to 100% uptime
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    The VIRTUS data centre portfolio spans multiple interconnected campuses
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    Cater For All Sizes

    From start-up to large hyperscaler, and everything in between. VIRTUS works with all customers to find the perfect solution
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    Dedicated Solutions Team

    VIRTUS is devoted to helping customers meet their business objectives

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VIRTUS has vast experience in working with many industries. From a financial institution that requires ultra-low latency, to a thriving tech start up that relies on contiguous space to grow or the world's largest hyper scales. We will create the perfect solution for to address the challenges of your specific industry.

  • Financial Services
  • Education, Research & Healthcare
  • Cloud: Web/Hyperscale
  • Enterprise
  • Content, Digital & Social
  • Gaming & Gambling
  • MSPs, Carriers & Mobile
  • Government
  • Professional Services

VIRTUS is home to the UK's Shared Data Centre for research and education - connected directly through Jisc's higher education 'JANET'. VIRTUS hosts over 30 university and research organisations, benefitting from one the world's most impressive ecosystems.

In Partnership with Jisc

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