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At VIRTUS, the security of our customers’ IT infrastructure is one of our highest priorities.


VIRTUS’ security is split in three key aspects:-



We operate 7 layers of physical security with the ability for customers to tailor their solution within our data centres for enhanced levels, as required. From perimeter fencing, access control, CCTV external and internal, restricted pass code access, man and vehicle traps; VIRTUS guarantees the security needs of the most demanding customers.


We are certified to BS27001 that evidences our processes and procedures. Every aspect of our security is tested regularly.


Through discussion with customers, VIRTUS has recognised the need for companies to have an easy access choice of DDoS mitigation services and has partnered with key digital security providers so that our customers systems are able to deal with attacks should they materialise.

Industry experts and analysts agree the security of your digital data and systems is becoming increasingly as important as the physical security of your IT deployments.

How DDoS works1

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Arbor Networks, the network security and management specialist, regularly publishes it’s Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report (WISR) with data gathered through ATLAS, a collaborative partnership with more than 330 service provider customers in order to deliver a comprehensive, aggregated view of global Internet traffic and threats.

The data gathered shows a concerning trend – both frequency and size of attacks through Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) actions are increasing at an exponential rate and while headlines focus on big global multinationals being attacked, regular Enterprise companies find themselves equally targeted.

Click here for Arbor’s latest report.

DDoS attacks attempt to bring down Web sites by overloading the site’s server infrastructure with data requests, which are often launched using different networks and locations. If not addressed quickly, the DDoS attack can slow page loads for legitimate users or even lead to a complete blockage of the site.

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Gartner summarises the key challenges as follows:

  • Many organizations lack the technical expertise and the operational experience to respond effectively to DDoS attacks.
  • Business leaders and IT leaders often fail to communicate well during the critical early stages of a DDoS attack.
  • DDoS toolkits have made it possible for individuals with little technical knowledge to launch attacks.

Gartner’s recommendations include deploying a range of techniques that include the use of traffic scrubbing centres that ‘clean’ traffic when an attack is under way and to combine this with rapid response or proactive monitoring services for invocation.