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The issues that today’s IT leaders face are almost always complex in nature, and there is a wealth of opportunity for the systems integrator who has the depth and breadth of infrastructure capabilities across their portfolio to help customers solve their business problems.

As businesses are having to continually reinvent themselves, and consequently their supporting digital infrastructure as well, IT directors and CIOs are finding themselves with sprawling environments that they need to manage, and ever-more complex relationships between systems and applications.

High quality at scale for sustainable competitive advantage

Flexible, reliable, secure service-led infrastructure solutions, adaptable to your business needs:  at VIRTUS, you will benefit from a world-class data centre offering with ISO27001 accreditation, 100% SLA on power, and some of the most highly connected data centres in greater London.  VIRTUS Data Centres are run at a low PUE which makes them extremely energy efficient, and you and your customers will benefit from the 100% renewable energy powering their infrastructure.

VIRTUS is the most flexible data centre operator in London, and can scale with your business needs to cater for seasonal, event-driven or project based requirements.  VIRTUS specialise in offering the most bespoke solutions to innovative companies who require flexible infrastructure.  These companies tend to be mainly cloud-based, high tech, high growth organisations, which presents an opportunity for you to partner and connect with them in order to expand your overall portfolio for greater revenues and profitability.

VIRTUS’ offer to you

  • Flexible portfolio of services allows you to flex up and down
  • A full range of connectivity options (including IP bandwidth, Point to Point and Point to Multipoint Ethernet connectivity, Wavelengths and Dark Fibre solutions)
  • The VIRTUS team provides unrivalled quality in service delivery
  • 24/7 remote hands & technical support services