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Cloud Connect

Having access to a Managed Cloud Connect Infrastructure has become a deciding factor for customers looking for public, private and hybrid cloud requirements and this has, in turn, required that providers ensure that they can meet customer needs with as many connected locations and a range of direct access cloud service providers. By investing in diverse fibre duct infrastructure, VIRTUS has enabled service providers to easily interconnect to VIRTUS’ data centres and pull fibre through from existing routes, minimising additional construction works needed. Resilient and diverse ‘meet me rooms’ provide space in the data centres where cloud service providers can physically connect to one another, exchange traffic and easily offer services to VIRTUS’ customer base and ensure customers have the widest choice of managed cloud connect infrastructure without having to rely solely on the public Internet for access and address the Security, Performance and Quality of Service challenges.


  • Public Cloud solutions with direct access to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and other major providers
  • Extensive access to over 20 Infrastructure, Platform, Software and Business Process as-a-service providers, growing all the time through the VIRTUS’ Marketplace
  • Managed Cloud Connect Infrastructure is available in scalable increments (100Mb to multiple GB) with flexible commercial terms
  • VIRTUS’ data centres are well connected to the top Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers and networks worldwide Global Reach
  • High Capacity interconnects to over 250 other data centres
  • Fibre (Dark and Grey), Wavelength, Ethernet, Public Services Network (PSN), MPLS/VPLS and IP services
  • Interconnection with all major global internet exchanges
  • Low latency, resilient, high bandwidth connectivity options on multiple fibre paths


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Multi Cloud Environment

Interconnection Port

  • An interconnection port is an interface that connects to a Cloud Connect platform
  • A single interconnect provides immediate access to all major cloud platforms, such as AWS, MS Azure and Google Cloud Platform

Virtual Circuits

  • A virtual; circuit is an Ethernet connection between the interconnection port and the cloud service provider
  • Multipl circuits can be ordered and delivered onto the same interconnection port
  • Each end user has its own discrete connection and can utilize its own VLAn number


By partnering with VIRTUS you can easily connect to:


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